If you're a Pune resident and affected by Coronavirus, we want to help.

Deshpee is more than just an institute. We're a group of companies in the fields of IT services, digital marketing, interior design and non-profit in operation since 2014. Started by Vedarth Deshpande, our mission to simply make this world a better place with the lasting solutions we aim to create. When we realised the scale of the economic impact of Coronavirus, we decide that we will help everyone we can.

If you're a resident of Pune and have recently been laid off, we can help you with our HR representative helping you find a new job. If you have to make a career switch, we can help you get trained in digital marketing to start a new career. If you're a business owner finding it hard to get customers, we can consult you with our marketing expertise.

Though we want to help everyone, there are limits to what we can do. Hence, we're primarily going to focus on economically challeneged people as they need help the most. If you yourself need help or know someone who can use our help, please call us NOW.

6 Years of Experience
250 Monthly Hours to Donate
13 Deshpee Volunteers
1 Purpose - To Help

How we Plan to Help

Everyone at Deshpee will donate at least 10 hours every month, with Vedarth himself donating 50 hours for this cause. All our team will use their expertise and the tools we have to help affected people solve their problems.

Technical Digital Marketing Training for New Careers
No-cost Access to eLearning Courses & Tools
Freelance Business Setup Training
Marketing & Digitisation Help
1-to-1 Personal Consultation for Career & Business
Digital Marketing Internships & Project Work

A Gift From Deshpee Institute for your Business