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With the help of search engine advertising or shortened as SEM, you can easily advertise your website. You can do this by simply increasing its visibility on various search engine result pages with the help of paid marketing and advertising methods. With the Google Ads PPC training classes in Pune, you can aquire this skill.

But first of all, let’s try to understand the general terms and take a look at what PPC, SEM and Google Ads exactly are.

Google Ads PPC Training Courses

PPC, SEM, Google Ads: A Brief Look

Search engines previously advanced their business models in order to finance their offerings. It consisted of various pay per click programmes such as Open Text in the year 1996 and in the year 1998. Later, turned its call to Overtune in the year 2001. Google also started offering various classified ads in the year 2000 on seeking effect pages through the help of Google AdWords Software. The year 2007 proved out to be the year when pay per click programmes brought in a lot of revenue for search engines. Pay per click is also known as cost per click. It's a web marketing and advertising version which is used to introduce traffic to the website. Here, when someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser will pay the publisher on a per-click basis. Pay per click is directly related to first-tier SERPs. It also includes Microsoft Bing Ads and Google Adwords.

In the case of search engines, advertisers usually make use of some keywords that are applicable to their target audience. However, in case of content material sites, there's just a fixed fee per click contrary to the bidding devices. Banners (also called as PPC Display Commercials), usually show the advertisements on the websites with the content material that's related and have already agreed to show the advertisements. Various social media platforms such as Facebook as well as Twitter have also taken into consideration and adopted pay per clicks in their strategy and each of their advertising models. Normal websites can provide PPC ads as well.

Why Google Ads/ PPC Training is Important

If you want long-term results, you should go with the organic method of growing traffic. However, it can be a little time consuming and doesn't even guarantee sufficient results. To grow your website’s search engine rankings organically, you’ll need to work on many things for months or even years. You may have to spend a huge amount of resources for this purpose. However, the results are known to be long-term and permanent.

On the other hand, PPC is the way of obtaining fast results for a temporary period of time. By simply investing in Google Ads or PPC advertising, you can try to maximise the income you generate online by paying the advertising fee. You need to consider a few things when it comes to paid campaigns. If you carry out a thorough research about PPC/SEM, you will better understand that with the help of Google Ads PPC Training, you will be able to generate a good amount of traffic and observe good conversion rates.

Google Ads/PPC training will help you understand how the advertising software works, how to use it to the fullest and also how to create ads. It will help you use the right targeting to get maximum results and also use various important things in Google Ads that can help you give more value to your clients.

DTI’s Google Ads PPC Training Syllabus in Pune Includes:

  • Google Ads Basics
  • Video Ads
  • Creating Google Ads Account & Optimisation
  • Various Types of Google Ads Campaigns
  • Location Targeting & Audiences
  • Keyword Types & Targeting
  • Ad Groups Management
  • Various Ad Types
  • Analysing Data & Ads Optimisation
  • Bidding Types
  • User Management & Settings
  • Google Conversion Pixel Setup
  • & Much More!

So now the ball is in your court. Do you want your website traffic to grow? Do you want more clients for PPC advertising? Do you want a job as a Google Ads specialist? Then it’s time to sign up for DTI’s Google Ads/PPC Training in Pune. We’ll make you an expert in Google Ads!

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