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Vedarth is the General Manager of Deshpee Group and he also trains the DTI digital marketing trainees!

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In his twenties, you can say that Vedarth is a young trainer indeed! Vedarth is the Founder and General Manager of Deshpee Group, the holding company of Deshpee Training Institute. He started Deshpee when he was 19, in 2014. Being a college dropout and having no formal background in digital marketing, he literally learned each and every thing of digital marketing himself. And that's what he thinks makes the real difference- practical knowledge.

At the Deshpee digital marketing training institute in Pune, he focuses on training you in stuff that will actually help you in your career. He hates theory as much as you do.

Background of Vedarth Deshpande

Vedarth Deshpande Deshpee Institute

Vedarth was raised in Dhule, a town in Maharashtra. His father is a CA and his grandfather was too. So naturally, he always wanted to be a Chartered Accountant. And he actually did pass all his CA exams in the first attempt until his articleship. But then, he realised the importance of digital marketing and wanted to learn more about it. So he started self learning and started taking marketing clients which ultimately led to the creation of Socinova and Trigacy, our digital marketing agencies.

Since 10th December 2014 to this day, he hasn't stopped learning and he constantly looks for ways to increase his expertise in digital marketing.

In his career, Vedarth has worked with over 1,000 clients from all around the globe, helping them grow their business through digital marketing. And even today, he continues to do so. With multiple companies to manage, he always tries to stay on top of marketing trends to make the best use of them. And he tries to train the DTI students with the same.

A Few Interesting Facts About Vedarth's Digital Marketing Expertise

Years of Experience: 5

Campaigns Managed: 1000+

Industries He Has Worked With: 25+

Countries He Has Managed Campaigns From: 20+

Companies He Has Founded: 5

Though training students with the right job-oriented digital marketing skills is a big goal of DTI, Vedarth specifically focuses on creating entrepreneurs. He says "I don't need to do this. There are so many other digital marketing institutes doing the same thing. The reason I want to run DTI is to be able to create entrepreneurs."

Creating entrepreneurs is one of his primary goals with the digital marketing training. He helps companies train their star performers in digital marketing to make them 'employeepreneurs' and helps business owners and individuals use digital marketing to setup and grow their businesses.

What Vedarth Focuses on in His Training

  • Applicable Knowledge
  • Personality Development
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Nurturing Creativity
  • Developing Curiosity
  • Probelm Solving
  • Real Life Solutions via Digital Marketing
  • Sales Skill
  • Future Planning

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