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All of us know that the world has totally turned digital. And in order to succeed in today’s world, it’s important that you are able to navigate your way around the Internet. And if you have started a business, then it’s really important for you to understand everything about digital marketing. If you think you can become a digital marketer yourself, you can easily switch over to the Internet and find a lot of stuff. However, it will take you about days or maybe months to get through with all of that stuff. And in such time, you will gradually lose your interest and call it quits.

And that’s why we have designed a courses for you that will help you turn yourself into a digital marketing expert in just a span of an entire course.


One of the highlights of the Deshpee Institute is a full-fledged Amateur-To-Professional WordPress Training Course.

And if you really want to understand and explore the world of WordPress, then you should stop worrying as we have developed an out-of-the-box WordPress course just for you. But, first of all, we need to get to the basic about what WordPress exactly is.

What’s WordPress?

It’s the easiest as well as most powerful Content Management System. You can create your own blogs as well as design your own website free-of-cost. You don’t need to pay a single cent for any of it.

At Deshpee Institute, you will be provided training by the experts in the industry that will co-ordinate with you to ensure that you are being trained at the absolute best level. You will be taught how to manage your own website and design your own blog where you could post anything you would like to. It's an open-source CMS that's based on MySQL and PHP. Its amazing features are a template system as well as plugin architecture. Mostly, people use it for blogging purposes. However, it supports various web content types such as media galleries, traditional mailing lists, as well as online stores. Did you know that about 60 million websites have been designed with WordPress? And not only that, if you want to be amazed by the stats, the websites that come under top 10 million are also known to come under the number. It’s one of the most popular CMS out there.

And that’s why we want you to turn to an expert and handle any incoming projects your way. Deshpee Institute’s WordPress Training Course is perfect for that.

What You’ll Learn With Our WordPress Training Course

  • Foundation and basics of a website based on WordPress
  • Basics Of WordPress UI
  • How To Find WordPress Plugins and how to use them
  • Use WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • How To Create And Manage Content
  • Websites Based On WordPress
  • WordPress SEO
  • How To Manage Multimedia With WordPress
  • Website Maintenance
  • WordPress Security
  • How To Eliminate Common WordPress Problems
  • Advanced Concepts Of WordPress

Why You Should Enroll Right Now

How will your WordPress Training Course benefit me? What’s the use of enrolling to this course? To answer your questions, we have listed the various benefits of this course.

Save Yourself Money by Building Your Business Website Yourself

Don't you want to save money by learning about WordPress yourself? It's considered to be an investment. If you want to design any websites for your business in the future or if there are any incoming projects, then you will be able to design them without any problems. You will also be able to make the required changes and update your website yourself!

Adding Value To Your Resume

Why will a company hire you and provide you with a good package if your resume is dull? And you should really think about it. Your resume is a sheet of paper that speaks about you professionally. And with this course, you will be provided with the required certifications that will help you add a certain amount of value to your resume. There's a huge demand for people who work on WordPress. And a company will seriously consider your profile if you add our WordPress Training Course to your resume.

6-Digits Pay

As mentioned above, there’s a huge demand for people who know a great deal about WordPress. And if you want to start earning 6-digits right now, then you should make your way through this course instantly.

At Deshpee Institute, we want you to be trained by the absolute best. We want you to go out there and earn those 6-digits salaries and be one of the candidates that high-profile companies are looking for.

And if you want to turn your professional career into something amazing and want to succeed and reach greater-heights, then enrolling to this course is the answer.

What are you waiting for? Enroll right now to Deshpee Institute’s WordPress Training Course!

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